DevTools Timeline Viewer

Shareable URLs for your Chrome DevTools Performance traces.

Check out, a modern take on this utility.

View public traces

Works with GitHub raw gists (example) or any file available over CORS.
Multiple URLS will generate a split view with a synchronized timescale.

Wanna compare traces?

Enter multiple URLs, seperated by commas. Once you select a timerange in one of the traces, the other viewers will automatically zoom to the same size timerange, for easy comparison.


No data is stored by this app; it's clientside only. Visit your Google security permissions if you'd like to revoke authorization.

Google Drive Integration (very optional)

Checking for Drive API authorization...

Once authorized, you'll see Timeline Viewer as a registered Google Drive viewer when opening .json files. Once you select the Timeline Viewer, it will open in a new tab and load the timeline asset from your Drive.

You can share this URL with any users who have both 1) authorized Timeline Viewer to Drive via the typical Google OAuth flow and 2) have Edit permission to the Google Drive file.

Afterwards, you can revoke authorization entirely.